Hello, my name is Deanna.  My Husband, Clint and I run a small family based cattery and live in the very picturesque Tamborine Village in SE QLD, Australia on a few acres.  We are very spoilt with crisp, fresh, Mountain air and stunning Mountain views.  We are only a very short drive to the Mountain top and rain stunning rain forests and only 30 mins from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.​​

My husband and I are originally from Wellington, New Zealand and moved to the Gold Coast in 2000.
We always wanted an acreage block as we are both huge animal lovers and needed room to run our dogs, cats, mini ponies and house our birds.  We moved to Tamborine in July 2015 and absolutely love living here. 

We purchased our very first, half Persian girl (Misty) in the early 80's before moving to Australia. We totally fell in love with the Persian breed, their peaceful nature and loving personality from that day on. 
Misty was always happy to sit in our lap purring away especially at night when the weather was a bit cooler.  She was a real sweet heart in every way. Sadly Misty passed away quite a few years ago and we miss her dearly and think of her often.

We have a very handsome, neutered, British Shorthair boy named Teddy or Teddybear as we sometimes call him (hence where our prefix name "TeddyBear" came from) as part of our cat family. Ted is a large boy and loves to follow us around the house during the day when he's not being a couch potatoe. 

Although we have owned many cats in the past, we are fairly new breeders to the cat fancy world, however, in saying this, we are extremely passionate about what we do.  We breed very beautiful, very stunning, Persians and Exotics priding ourselves in breeding for health, type and temperament.

TEDDYBEAR Cats are tested and free of genetic diseases.

Our expectant mums and their babies are born and raised underfoot in our family home where they are handled and socialized in a loving family environment alongside our adult children, dogs, pet birds and other cats.  Our breeding studs are housed in a large insulated/airconditioned cattery beside our home which contains all the comforts of home including plenty of toys in their play areas and large (attached) outdoor enclosures where they can soak up the sunlight and laze around.  
We are very proud of our cattery and take pride in knowing that our cats are happy and content and offered the best of care possible. 

We pride ourselves on breeding kittens for cat lovers who only want the very best of quality bloodlines.  
Our cats are guaranteed to be healthy, sound and free of diseases. 

We are registered with Cats Qld Inc.           and follow a strict code of ethics. 

TeddyBear breeding adults are FIV, PKD and FeLV free and all TeddyBear kittens are PKD clear.
More information about PKD is available by clicking on the banner to the right​.

All enquiries are welcome.
Tel:  07 5543 8452 or 0451 288 972
If unavailable, please leave a message and I will 
return your call :)

Our Brit boy Teddy
You guessed it, he loves boxes

The Three Amigos - Minnie, Ted and Tash

Our much loved part Persian girl Misty - May she R.I.P