TeddyBear are quality breeders of the beautiful Persian and Exotic Shorthair Cats. 
We pride ourselves on breeding kittens for cat lovers who only want

Our cats are guaranteed to be healthy, sound and free of genetic diseases. 

TeddyBear Cats are registered with         and we follow a strict code of ethics.

Our beautiful litters are created for quality, not quantity, therefore kittens are not
always readily available.

Vaccinated incl. Vet vacination card
Vet checked
Litter trained
Kitten Pack incl. wet/dry food, toys, litter tray, (local pick up only) or
Free flight cage, teddy bear and teddy bear cushion when freighted within Australia

With Registered Pedigree papers from Cats Queensland Inc.
Pet Pedigree is provided once Cats QLD lnc. have received and processed it. This can take a few weeks as 
not all kittens leave us at the same time and the litter must be registered all at once.

A kitten hand book (which covers grooming, feeding and other caring requirments) will be emailed to you once a deposit has been made to reserve a kitten of choice.  

Kittens are ready to leave us for their forever INDOOR homes at around 12-14 weeks of age depending on their progress. Please be patient, we do understand you want your baby with you as
soon as possible but our kittens ALWAYS come first and only we know when the time is right for them to leave us for their new forever homes and not before.  

We are available via e-mail      phone or Facebook           to answer any questions
you have regarding your TeddyBear Kitten after purchase FOR LIFE

TeddyBear is a PKD negative Cattery.
As a Registered breeder, we feel an extremely strong sense of responsibility for every kitten
that our cats bring into the world.  We want them to have the same quality of life with their new owner as they would have in our own home with us.  

​We are happy to sell our kittens to loving permanent families when available as indoor pets only.  The well-being and care of our fur babies is of the utmost importance to us and we try to sell only to genuine "Cat Lovers"

To reserve your new TeddyBear kitten, we require a holding deposit of $300.00 which is 
non-refundable and held by us until the kitten of your choice is old enough to leave us for
their new home (usually between 12-14 weeks old). The remaining balance in full is due when the kitten is 10 weeks of age. We do not offer payment plans sorry.

Shipping costs are not included in this price which can cost approximately $150 - $200
per kitten (depending on destination) Howerver, this does include a new transport cage for you to keep as well as a teddybear cushion and its very own teddy bear for comfort during the flight.

As the kittens grow, the prices on the website are subject to change due to desirability,
breeding potential and show qualities, however, in saying this, a price that has been agreed
on between TeddyBear Cats and the buyer at the time of deposit will not change.  

​​If something unforeseen happens to your kitten whilst in our care, you will be able to either choose another kitten of equal value, or receive a refund of your deposit and any amounts paid to date.

Viewings in person of our kittens can be arranged once kitten/s are 10 - 14 weeks old. 
We are a closed cattery and do not allow viewings prior to this time due to our strict quarantine procedures.    This gives the kittens time to build up an immunity after having vaccinations and to prevent the risk of any diseases entering our Cattery as well as time to heal after their de-sexing.  
We do however, keep our owners updated with photos or videos of your chosen kitten/cat on a regular basis. (every two weeks)   
If you have already reserved a kitten, I will happily keep you up to date regarding their progress, including up to date photos etc. via email, phone or Facebook. 
As a Registered Breeder, we guarantee that the kitten is in excellent health at the time of purchase and disease free.  To qualify for this guarantee, the kitten must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours after leaving Teddybear Cattery at a cost to the buyer. Failure to do this within this time frame will render all guarantees null and void.
One of our biggest concerns when our kittens leave our home is that they will always be kept as inside pets and that should you not want them or be able to keep them for any reason what so ever, that they be returned to us so that we can find them a new suitable home.

TeddyBear Cats reserves the right to refuse or cancel the sale, swap, trade, or lease of any
cat or kitten to anyone without reason or explanation.  We do not offer payment plans. Balance of the kitten in full is required when he/she is 10 weeks of age. 

TeddyBear Kittens are occassionally sold "entire" but ONLY to approved Registered breeders at our discretion.

We occassionally have adult Cats available for adoption at a small charge which covers any Vet work, including de-sexing, any up to date vaccinations, worming, and like our kittens, they leave us in good health.

We do take orders for our kittens, however, we do not breed many litters a year so there is often a wait to reserve one.  If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please feel free to complete the waiting list kitten enquiry form - just press on the paw print to take you to the page         we will contact you when we have that special fur baby for you and your family.  

We are happy to ship within Australia and overseas at
buyers expense.