​The Napoleon Cat

We purchased our very first Registered Napoleon cats in Jan 2017. A stunning Chinchilla silver tipped (standard long hair) girl and her shaded silver (standard long hair) son who we will put with our stunning Persians and Exotics to produce gorgeous type registered, pedigreed Napoleons as per standard. 
We are very excited at being given this wonderful opportunity to have this stunning new breed of cat as part of our extended cat family.
Please note: We DO NOT breed Munchkins!
The Napoleon breed of cat is an extremely rare, new cat breed here in Australia and has taken New Zealand and America by storm where it is being shown and judged and doing extremely well on the bench. 
I, personally do not know of any other Napoleon breeder here in Australia that has actually bred Napoleons past a 2nd or 3rd generation pedigree using ONLY the required out crosses as per standard.  Hence why they are vary rare here in Australia.  My dream is to take these wonderful cats past and beyond this and into the future!  I am so excited!!
We want to make it very clear that we ONLY breed PEDIGREE NAPOLEONS! We only ever stay within the acceptable out crosses for this cat breed.  Introducing any other "unacceptable" cat breed into the Napoleon does them a great disservice and takes them away from their uniqueness. This is something we will never do.
ur goal is to protect the purity of the Napoleon Breed by using the healthiest cats with the greatest of temperaments to breed the best Breed Standard that shows the original vision of the Napoleon.
The Napoleon is a very special and unique cat.  The Napoleon has it’s own Breed Group. 
The cats that make up the Napoleon Breed Group are the (STANDARD Short Hair Napoleon), (STANDARD Long Hair Napoleon), (NON-STANDARD Short Hair Napoleon), and the (NON-STANDARD Long Hair Napoleon).  
The Napoleon Cat is a Domestic Hybrid Breed, which is defined as:  A breed developed from a deliberate cross between two existing domestic breeds, incorporating characteristics of both parental breeds into the new breed. This is originally how ALL breeds were created.
The two parent breeds that make up the Napoleon are the Munchkin Breed Group, which consists of only the long haired and short haired Munchkin, and the Persian Breed Group, which consists of the Persian, Himalayan, Chinchilla and Exotic Short hair. These cats make up the acceptable out crosses.
The long haired and short haired Napoleon make up the Napoleon Breed Group. These three Breed Groups make up a Purebred Napoleon. Basically, these are the cats that make the Napoleon the cat that it is in health, temperament, beauty, and dignity.
The acceptable out crosses for the Napoleon Breed are the 4 Breeds listed above.  Any cats outside of these groups are considered either an “unknown” or an “unacceptable out cross” when used in a Napoleon breeding program.  An "unknown" means you do not know the pedigree of the cat.  An "unacceptable out cross" means the cat is a recognised breed OTHER than those accepted for the Napoleon breeding program.
Make sure you do your homework prior to purchasing a "so called" Pedigree Napoleon and make certain your purchase is an informed one. 
Remember that anything other than the Persian, Himalayan, Chinchilla and Exotic Short Hair in your Napoleon's pedigree for at least three generations may not be what you are looking for.  The Napoleon is more than a "look".  It is a unique cat with a very special temperament that comes from this particular mixture of breeds.  If you are interested in Showing or Breeding your cat, we highly recommend you do not purchase a kitten unless you have checked the pedigree and the kitten has at least three or, better still four generations of these acceptable out crosses.  That is not to say that if you purchase a kitten from a reputable breeder that has something else in it's pedigree, it won't be a sweet healthy cat.  But, simple genetics tell you that different breeds have different temperaments and health issues.  Demanding a Pedigreed Napoleon will ensure you are getting the cat you want. Know what you are getting prior to your purchase and please do your homework on the breed! 
​A Pedigreed Napoleon is an exceptionally healthy, uniquely temperament'ed, beautiful cat with the dignity of generations of careful breeding behind it.  Do not accept anything less.


The Napoleon, shares its history with the Persian that has been a part of the cat fancy from its beginnings in the late 19th century and with the modern Munchkin whose roots go back to 1983. Sandra Hockendal rescued a pregnant cat with short legs – some of her kittens did too and Sandra's Louisiana plantation became the base of a population of short legged cats that results from a dominant dwarfism gene. 

In 1996, Joe Smith (Blueline cattery) started breeding Persians with Munchkins. Joe was a Basset Hound breeder, a low-slung breed of dog, and became intrigued with the Munchkin and its genetics. He wanted to create a breed that would have universal appeal whether the cat had the signature short legs or the longer legs of the non-standard version. Joe decided to call his breed the Napoleon. The Persians used were the so-called doll faced Persians which had a longer nose than the modern Persian and a very open sweet expression.

In 2001 Joe contacted TICA and the new breed was added to the list of Experimental breeds and by 2002 Joe had met the criteria for the next stage in development and the breed was advanced to Registration Only status. This important step recognized the name and started the breed on the first rung of the ladder towards championship status.

It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to develop a new breed and there are often frustrations and heartaches along the way with both the development and the process to get a new breed accepted. In 2008, Joe moved on to other projects and other Napoleon breeders picked up the torch to continue the drive towards full recognition. Sam Tate (Wonderfulkitty cattery) and Margie Gardner (Creators) continued to push the breed forward but it was not until Teri Harris (Munchkinlane) presented the breed to the TICA board in September 2011 that the Napoleon got to the coveted next step of Preliminary New Breed and could begin showing in that class at shows effective May 2012.  

Recently there was a name change from Napoleon to Minuet so as to not insult the French with the Napoleon name. This caused a major stir within the Nap breeders and with TICA demanding the name change.  Many dedicated breeders of the Napoleon will NOT give up the name regardless and many chose to leave TICA or to dual register cats with another registry.   Great news though! The CFF has accepted the Napoleon name into their registry so the Napoloen name goes on!  Here in Australia ANCATS use the name Napoleon as well :) 

Napoleon Appearance

They combine the older doll-faced Persian look with the short legs of the Munchkin and come in all the colours of the rainbow and in both long and short hair.
The Napoleon is a strong, sturdy cat with well developed, firm muscles. It is characterized by short, well developed legs that do not hamper its mobility in any way. The tail should be in proportion to its body and medium short in length.

The Napoleon cat should have a rounded head and a face with an open, pleasant and sweet expression. Its nose is described as short, but certainly. not snub.  Ears are set wide apart
and are generally medium to small with rounded tips.  To complete the picture, the eyes are large, round and expressive.  Eyes should have a brilliant colour and it is preferred that the colour conforms to coat colour.

The Napoleon Cat is a feline breed that has two distinct features - most notably are the short legs (like a Dachshund dog) plus the round sweet-expression face referred to as "the baby doll face."

The Napoleon Cat has taken the cat world by storm. Though the breed has been in the works since 1996, their popularity has skyrocketed much due to its increased exposure through the internet, segments on The Animal Planet, and through dedicated breeders who have exhibited and shown them throughout the world at cat shows.  

At first glance, one might think that a Napoleon looks like a Persian.  In fact, the Persian breed is a huge influence on the Napoleon cat breed but it is important to note that the Napoleon looks very different than the current Persian cat of today.  We refer to the faces on our Napoleons as "baby doll faces" which does look like a Persian - but a Persian from yester-year.  The Persian of today has evolved into a very different looking breed with a very short snub nose whereas the founder of the Napoleon cat knew that there was still great appeal and fondness to this "old fashioned Persian face."  In fact, the Napoleons are considered a hybrid breed (meaning a mix of two existing breeds) combining some features from the Persian breed and then the short legs came from the Munchkin breed (the original short-legged cat breed).  It is this amazing combination of that sweet expression face and the short legs coupled with an awesome personality that is the key to the enormous appeal to this relatively new breed - the Napoleon cat.  Big round eyes, virtually all colours ranging from the very beautiful shaded silver which we breed here at "TeddyBear" Cattery to solid whites, blue points, chocolate calicos, blue smokes and more along with luxurious coats without being excessively cottony, medium sized bodies, and those legs - those adorable, cute short legs.... What is not to love?  I call them my little Teddy NapBears or Dwarf Persians.

The Napoleon cats are also known for this adorable "prairie dog stance"
they sit up on their hind legs - perch up like a rabbit - to peer around or play. 
I suppose with the short legs - it just makes it an easier pose for them but ohhhhh
my goodness....they are so cute when they do this!

​The Napoleon is the result of breeding a Munchkin with a Persian.  The Munchkin is known
for having short legs or is a dwarf cat breed. Basically, if you like the short legs of the Munchkin and you like the traditional face of the Persian, then this breed is for you.  These two breeds were crossed to produce a new breed which is named the Napoleon. 

Even though this cat has short legs, it doesn't hinder it from jumping and being completely active. From the Persian breed the Napoleons inherited their round face, dense coat and eyes as well as substantial boning.
After mentioning all these details of how Napoleon cat breed was created, it is also important to note that they are not short legged Persian cats neither are they hairy Munchkin cats. They are a unique combination of both groups; therefore, they are quite distinguishable from other cat breeds.

Napoleon cats don’t have any health issues. When it comes to their hygiene, moderate grooming is recommended. For shorthaired Napoleon cats, it is necessary to brush them once per week and longhaired Napoleon cats should be brushed at least twice per week.

This new cat breed was recognized by TICA (The International Cat Association) as a hybrid breed. This, in other words, means that this cat breed was created by crossing two existing domestic cat breeds. The characteristics of the parental breeds were incorporated into the new breed – the Napoleon cat. 

​​​ Napoleon Temperament

The Napoleon is a gentle, extremely affectionate and people-oriented cat. They have the gentleness of a Persian and the energy and curiosity of the Munchkin. Their big eyes in their sweet faces give them a look of complete innocence while their inquisitiveness gets them into all kinds of scrapes. While gentle, they are also self-starting when it comes to activity and like the Munchkin can navigate the curves of their self-defined race-track for the day at breakneck speed.  

Napoleons are warm, sociable and friendly cats. They make ideal pets for the young and old and they enjoy cuddling up with their owners.

Naps, as they are fondly called, do not enjoy solitude. They do enjoy the company of other
cats and cat-socialized dogs.   They are playful and reasonably active cats who enjoy running around.  Because of their shortened legs, they are not great jumpers, but they do find inventive ways of climbing up on furniture and beds to cuddle up.

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Standard (Short Legged) Napoleon
Long hair

Standard (Short Legged) Napoleon

Non- Standard (Long Legged) Napoleon
Long hair

Non- Standard (Long Legged) Napoleon

Napoleon History


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​​Quick Description:

Coat Type:   Short, long, dense, plush
Coat Colours:  All colours 
Body Type:  Medium
Life Expectancy (Lifespan):   12-14 years
Length:  Medium
Weight (Size):   2 to 4 kilos
Characteristics:  Obedient, docile, intelligent, playful, social
Lap Cat:   Can be
Shedding:  Less
Good with Children:  Yes
Vocalization:  Less
Hypoallergenic:  Yes
Country of Origin:  USA
Competitive Registration/Qualification Information:  Cat Fancier's Federation (CFF,) Catz Inc, Australian National Cats Inc (ANCATS), CATZ Inc (NZ) as the Napoleon Cat for championship status and the International Cat Association (TICA) although TICA has recently changed the breed name to Minuet. Here in Australia, they are still known as Napoleon's.

This silhouette is a great 
representation of the breed.