Our new fully concreted cattery was finished in Jan 2019.  (see photos below)

It has taken a good year to complete our cattery which is 14 x 7 metres in size and built entirely by my husband and a great neighbour friend.  Yes I am very spoilt and so are my cats :)

Each concreted run is 6 metres long and 2 metres wide giving our cats plenty of room to play, run, climb and lounge around in.  A 14 metre walkway runs right along the cattery ensuring that no cats get out and to make access much easier into each run and with cleaning etc 
It has power connected and fluro lights by each run so I can be out there anytime, day and night.

The entire cattery is fully insulated on the roof and has cold room panels running right along the entire back wall which gets most of our full summer sunshine.  This keeps our cats very cool in the summer months and cosy in the winter.  We have a sink, bench tops and running water from a large water tank that collects all the rain water from the cattery roof making cleaning a breeze. 

Our cats have lots of toys, scratch posts and "lounge around areas" and shelfs with play areas to keep them very happy and content. 

All expectant mums are kept inside our home during their pregnancy and for the entire duration until their kittens are fully weaned.  All kittens are raised under foot until sold. 
Our studs all have their own runs.

​We also have a few cats that are kept inside permanately.