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TeddyBear Cats - When only the BEST will do!

 Everyone loves TeddyBears!

 TeddyBears are cute, cuddly and adorable.
They capture the hearts of young and old alike.

What could possibly be better than snuggling up to a teddybear?

How about, snuggling up to your very own "TeddyBear" P
ersian & 
KITTEN of course!

These adorable little bundles of fluffiness not only look and feel like snuggly soft 
TeddyBears, they have the sweet personality of a playful loveable kitten as well!

We are delighted to introduce you to the "TeddyBear" website.
Please feel free to browse around.

Teddy bear cats are oh so sweet
An endearing friend with fluffy warm feet
With cute fluffy ears and a smooshy flat face
A sweet, playful Teddy bear for you to embrace
Always with you and by your side
Such adorable cuteness cannot be denied
Tucked up in your bed at night we may sleep
A tail across your face, it may sweep
We love the attention you give us so much
We purr very loudly with every soft touch
Will jump in your lap to be closer to you
Will make you feel happy, when you’re feeling a bit blue
We’re best kept inside and enjoy a good comb
Please promise my mum, you won’t let us roam
The world can be a big scary place
Where we could vanish without a trace
Teddy bear cats are the cutest around
Our adorable, cute antics will always astound
If you could offer us a home for life
We promise not to get into too much strife
Please speak to my mum, she’s happy to assist
A teddy bear like us, you could never resist
  written by our mum Deanna  

TeddyBear Cats are QUALITY breeders of the beautiful Persian, Exotic Shorthair
and Napoleon (Minuet).  We pride ourselves on breeding kittens for cat lovers who only want the very best of quality bloodlines.  

TeddyBear cats are guaranteed to be healthy, sound, CUTE (of course) and
extremely friendly. All kittens are socialised from birth in our home. 


TeddyBear breeding adults are free of diseases.
All TeddyBear cats are PKD clear.  More information about PKD is available by clicking on the banner below

TeddyBear is a CLOSED CATTERY - NO outside matings 


Details and photos coming soon!

Give Deanna a call on 07 5543 8452
or 0451 288 972
If unavailable, please leave me a message
and ​I will return your call. 
FB Messenger link  
I am happy to answer any questions
you may have

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